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Advance Brake Technology
Performance Brake Rotors and Parts 

All rotors manufactured by Advance Brake Technology carry a 1 YEAR Warranty from the time of purchase against cracking and warping unless otherwise stated. Please keep all invoices and proper documents. All orders require proof of purchase for verification.

Warranty includes: Full replacement of brake rotors and/or pads. An extra shipping charge of will be assessed.


Disclaimer of Warranty: If your brake rotor has turned blue due to excessive heat generated during improper brake-in or due to failed braking components such as a seized or hanging caliper, this warranty will be voided. This is an obvious situation and not a failure of the brake rotor and is not covered by warranty. Any other problems such as incorrect installation resulting in damaging the rotor is primarily the consumer's problem and we will not offer refunds or exchanges for these issues. Please have a professional mechanic install your brakes. We are also not responsible for any mechanic fees that occur.

Buyers recognize and understand that brake parts and equipment such as disc brakes, pads, hubs, and all other braking system components are exposed to many and varied conditions due to the manner in which they are installed and used upon. Buyers and Advance Brake Tech consciously desire to make their own bargain, irrespective of any court decision and purchasers agree upon good faith and in consideration for being allowed to purchase from Advance Brake Tech said parts or services. Purchasers expressly acknowledge and understand that Advance Brake Tech does not make any affirmation of fact or promise to purchaser, which relates to said parts, inventory, or services that becomes part of the basis of the bargain between Advance Brake Tech and purchasers. Nor does Advance Brake Tech make, or cause to be made to purchaser any description of the goods sold to purchaser, nor does Advance Brake Tech make, or cause to be made, as part of the basis of the bargain with purchasers, any description or affirmation of fact concerning any sample or model of brake parts, and equipment inventory or service.

As further consideration for purchasers using Advance Brake Tech brake parts and equipment any and all inventory and services, purchasers acknowledge that due to the differing conditions and circumstances under which all equipment and parts are installed and used, purchasers are not relying on Advance Brake Tech skill or judgment to select or furnish the proper part or equipment. Purchasers expressly affirm they are relying upon their own skill or judgment to select and purchase suitable goods.

ABT staff members are available to answer questions regarding any automotive inquiries, parts, order confirmations or further information on braking systems Monday through Friday from 10:00AM (PST) to 6:00PM (PST). Please give us a call or send us an email if you can’t find the parts you are looking for and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way!





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